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Lydia Ourahmane
Solo exhibition

June – September 2021

Co-production Kunsthalle Basel and Triangle – Astérides, Centre d'art contemporain
Realized with the assistance of gmem - CNCM - marseille and rhizome, Algiers

The exhibition is presented from 23 January to 5 April 2021 at the Kunsthalle Basel

Lydia Ourahmane, __ kg Fertile soil smuggled from Medea, Algeria., 2015-16

A ransom, an illicit border crossing, an exchange of nationality: Transactions of different sorts are often the conceptual starting point for Lydia Ourahmane’s art. The results encompass video, sound, performance, sculpture, and installation, exploring the way histories of displacement and colonial oppression are inscribed upon bodies. For this exhibition, Lydia Ourahmane presents a newly commissioned work.