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Rafael RG
Carte blanche

April 2020

« [...] During the residency, before the lockdown, we were planning to visit nursing homes. Elderly people, immigrants, dreamers, folk with plenty of life stories. I wanted to talk, to listen to these stories. Exchange stories, stories about a first kiss. Intimate memories of a trivial occurrence in the lives of many of us. Youthful memories, some of pain, of longing of dreams….

“Revisit the past in order to strengthen our wishes of today”; I told a friend while explaining the project.

During this month, the month in which I would finish my residency, we’ll share some stories here. People who have crossed my path while I was in Marseille. Stories about the first kiss of some of these people. »

Rafael RG is is a Brazilian visual artist and writer based in Salvador de Bahia. Rafael is an artist in residence at Triangle France - Astérides from January to April, 2020. His practice focuses on sexual and affective relationships and their political implications as well as issues of racial identity. His performance Tug of War, developed together with Perlla Ranielly and scheduled on the 31st of March was cancelled due to the current sanitary measures.

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