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feeelings (Anouchka Oler & Camille Gérenton)
Performances and lectures

Saturday November 18, 2017
* 2 pm — Plage des Catalans, 13007 Marseille.
* 6 pm — Friche la Belle de Mai, 13003 Marseille.

As part of Anouchka Oler studio, feeelings organizes 'CUZ WORDS, a day of performances hosted by Triangle France in Marseille. This day will unfold in two parts. First, at 2 pm at Plage des Catalans with Jane Fawcett and Cave Club inviting, in turn, Eugénie Zély. And then, at 6 pm at the studio of Anouchka Oler for the performances of Simon Asencio and Eleanor Weber.

Meetings points:

* 2 pm: Plage des Catalans, 13007 Marseille. Bus stop : Plage des Catalans (lines 81, 82, 82S)
* 6 pm: Anouchka Oler' studio, studio 2Y1, floor 2, Friche La Belle de Mai, 41 Rue Jobin, 13003 Marseille

Graphic design: Roxanne Maillet

“ Man plucked a nightingale and, finding but little to eat, said 'You are just a voice and nothing more.' ”
Plutarch, Moralia: Sayings of Spartans

If the first architecture we inhabit is most likely the body then the first tenant is invariably the voice. We are capable of welcoming many more. The five artists gathered this day have heard this. The various voices that they come across and collect are carefully scrutinised: from their roots to their echoes, their shiverings to their other fluids. They state the strengths and weaknesses of which they are made, the privileges and the disfavours, the power structures which animate them.

We have to think them over a few times before really understanding what words want to say. That is to say, to great depths. To delve into disruptive forces. But to imply that language is a passage also assumes that it slips.
Its presence in a body – namely the individual voice – is seized upon by these artists in an attempt to catch this slippery thing; this is the stake necessary to the articulation of what is passing through them.
Whoever comes with their own resources – intellect, desire, anger, translation or unease – invites multiple voices to make up the lines of force, vibrating, collective. These voices that penetrate, surround, inhibit or support us.

'CUZ WORDS is a rough and ready translation into English of a throwaway line of Jacques Lacan’s (‘les mots par ce que’), taken from his seminal ‘On Feminine Sexuality, the Limits of Love and Knowledge’; it might be alternatively – more accurately – translated as ‘by way of the words’.

We can imagine him, a sagging cigar in his hand, terrible eyes carried along by the intense stream of his dense speech, dismissing the crowd with a gesture, uttering these words with the authority of the Master: "LES MOTS PAR CE QUE." And then, perhaps, a silence in the room?

With the support of Wallonie-Bruxelles International.