In residency from January 5 to April 6 2023

Born in 1995 in Lyon (FR). Lives and works in Montreuil (FR).

Fanny Lallart's work revolves around sharing of words and transmission through a feminist perspective. Reflecting in groups, meeting the actors of alternatives to the dominant systems, learning collectively from each other, constitute the essence of her practice. Writing, editing and sound recording are tools she oftenly use. In 2019 she wrote "11 texts about free labor, art and love" a text on the economic issues of her work for her diploma at Cergy School of Arts. Then she led a research residency at the CAC de Brétigny in 2020 and 2021, called "The poetry inside of me is warm like a gun" on issues of justice and reparation. To this day, gathering people she loves around a table, a bed or a printer is what makes the most sense for her to do.

Fanny Lallart, 11 textes sur le travail gratuit, l'art et l'amour, 2019.