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In residency from January 6 to April 13, 2021.

Born in 1992 in Bordeaux (FR). Lives and works between Paris and Bordeaux (FR).

His work is made up of performances, films, objects and songs in which he stages characters who recount in a tragi-comic register the difficulty they have in appearing and presenting themselves.

Harilay Rabenjamina's work has been presented at Auto Italia (London), Lafayette Anticipations (Paris), Treize (Paris), PEACH (Rotterdam). His first solo show took place in Goswell Road (Paris) in 2017. The project A GUEST OF HONOUR will soon be presented at How To Show Up? (Amsterdam), Auto Italia (London) and hopefully elsewhere.

Harilay Rabenjamina, TGK, performance, 2018, Auto Italia, Londres. Photo : Katarzyna Perlak.

Harilay Rabenjamina, TRAG&DIE, 2017, performance et installation, vue de la performance à Goswell Road, Paris.

Harilay Rabenjamina, A Guest of Honour, affiche, performance à venir.

Harilay Rabenjamina, A vu, a dit, film, 2021.

Harilay Rabenjamina, My Honour is Safe, performance, Centrale Fies, 2021. Photo : Roberta Segata.