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Our call for applications takes place once a year. Residents are selected by an advisory board (renewed each year) composed by members of Triangle France staff and artworld professionals (artists, galleries, curators). We host nine artists a year for sessions of 3 to 4 months.

Sessions are as follow:
September - Mid December
January - Mid April
Mid April - July


Shared accommodation: individual room in a 95 square-meter apartment (common areas: living room, kitchen, bathroom. Wifi, telephone including free international call on land lines). The apartment is located in the city center. Utilities: 100 euros/month
Studio: 60 square-meters in la Friche le Belle de Mai, ADSL connection
Production grant of 1000 euros (reimbursed upon receipts)
Technical support provided by Triangle France’s registrar and production manager, present on site 26h/week
Assistance in the search of materials, techniques, partnerships
Studio visits for professionals are organised and managed by Triangle France during one week of the last month of residency
Residents will arrange and cover their travel expenses

2/ Application requirements

Download the application form here

Portfolios must include:
- Images of the work (15 pages maximum)
- Texts informing about and presenting the work
- Full résumé (CV)
- Cover letter (a specific project proposal is not required)
- Full contacts (email, phone number and adress in case of return of paper material)

3/ Selection schedule

The selection committee will be composed by French and international curators and artists invited by Triangle France, and members of Triangle France’s team. Decisions will be made public at the end of the first week of July 2017.

For further information, please contact Marie de Gaulejac at

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