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In residency from January 6 to August 23, 2020.

Born in 1986 in Milton (USA). Lives and works in New York (USA).

"The logic of quilting instructs my promiscuous relation to format. The first things I made were textiles, and my subsequent artwork has been grounded in patternmaking and re-assembly of the material I collect. I orient material, excavating the subtext of the words and phrases, images and signs that strike me. Each sample percolates as I seek terms and forms for it, often by convening dye, paint, and silkscreen. Lately, I aim to make works that engender loops of apprehension, mis-registration, and refusal of their signifying gestures, of the signs or near-signs that they contain.

My defiance of visual cohesion is motivated by the failure of language and culture to accommodate invisible modes of (dis-)identification with gender binaries and the neurotypical*. The slippage between language and form in my work suggests analogues for the interfaces of trans-ness, queerness, and madness. Applying experiences of dysphoria and dissociation, I seek to set into motion a liberating potential for occupying many possible positions. I model an aspirational collectivity; a collectivity with potential not only amongst different subjects, but within one."

Wilder Alison is an interdisciplinary artist and a graduate of the Bard MFA Painting program. In recent years, Alison has exhibited works in New York with 247365, Rachel Uffner, CUE Foundation, Primetime, and Garden Party Arts, among others. Recent solo shows include "Slit Subjects" at White Columns (New York, 2019) and "$PLIT $UBJECT" at Marlboro College (Marlboro, 2018). Alison was a fellow at the Fine Arts Work Center in 2016-17 and 2018-19, and has also participated in residencies at The Lighthouse Works, Fire Island Artist Residency, and Lower East Side Printshop.
Alison performs in collaboration with psychoanalyst and musician Monroe Street as NO STONES, with recent New York engagements at SUBLIMATION Projects, H0L0 NYC, CUE Foundation, and LaKAJE.

* Neurotypical is a neologism widely used in the autistic community as a label for people who are not on the autism spectrum

Wilder Alison, sweep/s light bristles/Granulerer, 2019, Dyed wool, thread.

Wilder Alison, green/I wander Snake/dream, 2019, Dyed wool, thread.

Wilder Alison, b/link a rapid lip The throat, 2019, Dyed wool, thread.