Matthew Atkinson and Colombe Marcasiano, in residence at Triangle France, in this exhibition wonders about the moment when the object becomes a work of art. Atkinson paintings show leftbehinf buildings in ironic stage,approuved by a textile and stereotype nature. Colombe Marcasiano settles as a cartoonist sculptures staging a scene where textures where melt to imply malicious and unseemly uses.
From march the 1st to march 22, 2008

Kent & Essex : Cappricio or veduta, Matthew Atkinson, 180x150 cm,peinture à l’huile sur coton et soie mélangés
by Kjersti Andvig with Carlton A. Turner.

Kjersti Andvig is a young Norwegian born in 1978 in Olso, Norway. Kjersti has been pursueing a both incredibly fanciful and extremely serious project framework about historical relationships between knitting and death penalty, notably relying on the figure of the « Tricoteuse » (lower class woman that was knitting while she was attending public executions during the French Revolution). This project comes true here, at Triangle, through the presentation of a massive/monumental proposal that consists in the knitted reproduction of the cell of Carlton A. Turner, a black American prisoner which is waiting for his execution in Death Row in Texas.
Du 5 avril au 10 mai 2008

An exhibition by Clark Walter (résident à Triangle)

It's from a culture shock that born the Clark Walter exhibition at Triangle on next june 27th. It's from the direct transition from Norton, Kansas, USA, to Marseille, Bouches du Rhône, France, that most of his work presented gets it's inspiration, always including his favorite themes like sexe, violence, pop, advertissement, porn, junk-food, religion, and their recurent pattern like penis, cutted member, bloody cob-corns, skull fucks, the ku klux klan, television, colored condoms, les singing vaginal cross and many others more. [...]
exhibition from june 28th to july 19th, 2008

BY Fabrice Pichat.
Fabrice Pichat was born in 1980 in Chambery. He lives and works in Brussells.

It’s to a sensitive, illusionist, and a-reflexive walk-around that invites us Fabrice Pichat in Triangle.
Wishing that we strip from the reflexes conditionning our approach to sensible and its apprenticeship, he proposes us to become, the time of the show, true idiots who could, like the eponymous character of Dostoiewski, adress any situation as virgin from the handicap of experience. From floating objects to absent objects, distorded if not invisibles, the work of Fabrice Pichat asserts the existentialist potential of objects, became resistants to a unique perception and bearers of an enlarged vision of the world, for who is willing to depart from one’s array of civilized man to be walked-around, the time of the show, by an idiot…
From april 12th to may 10th 2008

Réflexion faite, 2007, Vidéo DVD, 13min
Collectiv exhibition made by Damien Airault with Véronique Dutilly, Heather and Ivan Morison, Giorgio Sadotti, Paul Tarragó, Emily Wardill. From sept 27 to october 25th, 2008

Beginning with this fantasy, the exhibition questions the place that the artist takes in our society and that which our society gives them in return, in interaction with elements that they rub up against every day: their colleagues, their sources of inspiration, their Masters, their whims…

View of the exhibition, galerie de la Friche Belle de Mai, From sept 27 to october 25th, 2008