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Triangle - Astérides is a 28 year old non-profit contemporary visual art organization based in “La Friche la Belle de Mai”, a former tobacco factory in the center of Marseille, where it supports artists and serves diverse and expanding audiences. Providing spaces for artistic creation and exhibitions, the organization’s stated mission is to be a catalyst for a broad dialogue between living artists and the public. Triangle - Astérides develops a yearly program of exhibitions, public events, and new commissions, as well as highly respected residencies and studio programs dedicated to Marseille-based, French, and international artists; supporting artistic research, experimentation, and production.

Since its founding in 1994, it has established itself as one of France’s most innovative organizations supporting French and international artists who have not yet had wide public exposure or critical acceptance from a broader public. It supports emerging artists, as well as artists that are underrepresented in France by establishing long-term relationships with them to collaborate in the development, production, and presentation of significant new projects.

In 28 years, the organization has hosted more than 650 artists in residence and produced more than 130 exhibitions, with a focus on equal representation, open debate, and multiple viewpoints regardless of race, gender, class, or creed. It has helped launch the careers of many artists who have gone on to worldwide prominence. Rooted in its local context, Triangle – Astérides is a place of assertion of cultural rights, where audiences are appreciated for the singularity of their relation to art. As an active member of Triangle Network; an international network of over 90 arts organizations in 41 countries, it also underlines the positive value of transnational dialog, which constitutes the DNA of its project.

Some of the previous residents are:
Tony Cragg (1994), Hugue Reip (1995), Maria Thereza Alves, Simon Starling, Jimmie Durham (1997), Tatiana Trouvé, Jim Lambie (1998), Saâdane Afif, Virginie Barré, Bruno Peinado (1999), Abraham Poincheval (2001), Michael Quistrebert (2002), Raphaël Zarka (2004), Lili Reynaud Dewar (2006), Clément Rodzielski, Carlos Kusnir (2007), Lynette Yadom Boyake, Emmanuelle Lainé (2009), Claire Tabouret (2011), Atelier Van Lieshout, Gaëlle Choisne, Jean-Alain Corre (2013), Eva Barto (2014), Morgan Courtois, Gala Porras-Kim (2015), Virgile Fraisse (2016), Madison Bycroft, Anne Le Troter, Liv Schulman (2017), Caroline Mesquita, Jean-Charles de Quillacq, Ghislaine Leung, Valérie Blass, Sara Sadik (2018), Dorota Gaweda & Egle Kulbokaite, Josèfa Ntjam (2019), Lydia Ourahmane, Dominique White (2020)...


In 1982, British artist Anthony Caro and British collector Robert Loder founded Triangle Arts Trust (now Triangle Network). It started with an artists’ workshop in Upstate New York in the summer of the same year. The workshop brought together approximately 25 emerging and mid-career artists from the US, Canada and the UK. It aimed to provide the artists with space and time to enter into dialogue and exchange ideas, knowledge and skills with each other. After the success of the initial workshops, the organizers decided to widen the geographical spread and invite artists from other countries, some of whom returned home and decided to start workshops of their own, thereby instigating the development of a network which is still growing and to date has spread to over 40 countries worldwide.

In 1994, Triangle Arts Trust had lost its original upstate New York home and started to make plans to organize a workshop in Marseilles. While a workshop was organized and held in 1995 in Luminy Art School, the possibilities of creating a permanent residency program and art organization in Marseilles was explored early on. In 1994, the non-profit status of Triangle France was created independently from the New York organization. It was made possible by Alun Williams who was a member of Triangle New York and Claire Lesteven, with help from local personalities, notably co-founder, Bernard Plasse, director of a small but well-known gallery called La Galerie du Tableau. They aroused the interest of the Fiche la Belle de Mai, the vast multidisciplinary cultural complex, housed in a former government tobacco factory. Curator Sandra Patron joined the project in 1995 and the residency program welcomed its first artists in residence in January 1996. Sandra Patron was director of Triangle France from 1995 to 2005. In 2005, Dorothée Dupuis took the position of Director of the organization that she held until September 2012. Céline Kopp became the current Director of the organization as of September 2012.

Today and since 1994, Triangle France is an organization independent from the Triangle Network. However, Triangle France remains a partner of the Triangle Network and welcomes the opportunity for support and exchange from this partnership.


Chairman /
Marianne Berger-Laleix – Executive Vice President of the Palais de Tokyo, Paris

Secretary /
Maxime Guitton – Artistic and cultural practitioner, Marseille

Treasurer /
Christian Sebille – Composer and Director of gmem - CNCM - Marseille

Board Members /
Eva Barto – Artist, Paris
Patrice Carré – Artist, Marseille


Director and chief curator /
Victorine Grataloup

Director of administration and finances /
Florence Gosset

Curator and residency manager /
Marie de Gaulejac

Communication and residency coordinator /
Adélie de Soumagnat
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Education programs /
In partnership with BIM - Bureau Indépendant de Médiation Culturelle


Triangle - Astérides is supported by the Ville de Marseille Marseille, Ministère de la culture - DRAC Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, Région SUD and Département des Bouches-du-Rhône.


Internationally, Triangle - Astérides is part of Triangle Network an international network of artists and arts organizations that promotes dialogue, exchange of ideas and innovation within the contemporary visual arts. Since 1982, Triangle has provided significant opportunities for over 4,500 artists through workshops, residencies, events, exhibitions, work placements and studio provision. This has led to the creation, association and partnership of Triangle Network projects and organisations in over 40 countries – an extensive, artist-focused infrastructure that continues to adapt and thrive.
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Since 2017, Triangle - Astérides is a member of D.C.A, the French network of contemporary art centers.
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Triangle - Astérides is a member of Arts en Résidence, a France-based national network of organisations hosting residency programmes.
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Triangle - Astérides is a member of Plein Sud
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In Marseille, Triangle - Astérides is a member of Provence Art Contemporain.
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