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Support Triangle France and participate in the emergence of the young art scene by becoming a member. You could get customized benefits and share special moments at the heart of contemporary creation.



Adherent - 20€
Reduce price for artist and student - 10€
the adherents of Triangle France are informed of the news of the association, receive invitations to previews and a private visit of the exhibitions.

Friend - 100€
Besides the advantages mentioned above, the Friends of Triangle France receive a receipt of tax-deductible donation *, they benefit of the exemption for the subscription and one publication offered.

Friend / Curators's circle - 300€
Besides the advantages mentioned above, the Friends of Curators' circle receive an invitation to discover in preview the artworks on sale with LOVETRIANGLE, and benefit a meeting with the resident artists at a privileged appointment usually reserved to art professionals.

Friend / Collector's circle - 800€
Besides the advantages mentioned above, the Friends of the Collectors' circle receive an annual edition of one artist and have the opportunity to share prospecting and the favorites of Triangle France during a special appointment in view events and fairs of contemporary art.

Benefactor - 1000€
Besides the advantages mentioned above, the Benefactors are invited to a dinner with the artists of our exhibitions before or after the opening and benefit from a 20% reduction on annual limited editions.**

* Tax deduction
The tax reduction for individuals is equal to 60% of donations deposited to the artworks and organizations of general interest in the limit of 20% of taxable income. **
Example of tax reduction:
€ 100 of donations by a Ami offers a deduction of € 66, so a real cost of € 44.



The compagnies sponsor benefit from all the advantages offered by the program of adherents.
In addition, Triangle France issues a donation receipt which allows a reduction of the corporate tax of up to 60% of the donation amount within the limit of 0.5% of turnover of the company. The counterparties amounted to 25% of your donation.
Example of tax reduction:
€ 1000 of donations by a sponsor compagny offers a deduction of € 600 within the limit of 0.5% of turnover, so a real cost of € 400.

Support Triangle France, is:
- A new visibility (mention of your company's name on the communication media and media)
- Privileged access to events proposed by Triangle France
- Guided tours of exhibitions for personal and / or corporate customers
- Meeting with artists
- Visits workshops of resident's artists
- Staff involvement in the artistic project

**Mécénat culturel - Loi n° 2003- 709 du 1er août 2003 relative au mécénat, aux associations et aux fondations